Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Training Day 2

Today's training went better than expected.
The first class was over Back Injury, and was suppose to take a hour but ended early so we got a longer break. That was nice, not that you can really do anything on Helemano because the only thing they have there is a Shoppette. The second class was on Child Abuse & Neglect. It was a 2 hour long class that started at 9:15am & was suppose to go until 11:15am, then we had lunch till noon. However the class ended at 10:20am & the next one didn't start till noon. I was so happy, I came home to grab a bite to eat and relax a bit then Gabe called & asked me to come pick him up to take him to get his truck. (it was in the shop having some stuff added on) After that I headed back to class. The last part of the day was filled with one class over Administration of Medication & Communicable Diseases / Health & Sanitation. It was scheduled for 4 hours long. BLAH!!! Much to our surprise the trainer came is and said she would have us out of here at least a hour early. YEAH!!!!!
After a few slide shows and taking notes the training was done. It was 2:30pm, not a hour early but a hour & half early. I was so happy. In the back of my mind I really didn't think that we would finish even a hour ahead of schedule but we did better than that.
Out the door I went, off to Tan & then to pick up some dog food for our little pups. Gabe even got off work a bit early today which was a nice surprise. We took the pups on the usual walk around the track & then headed back home to start on dinner.
Chicken & Rice ummmm, two of my favorite food & even better when you put them together.
We ended the night with a Yellow Cake & Chocolate frosting made by My Love. It was so good. I'm looking forward to hopefully another short day of training tomorrow. Only 3 days left.

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Jess said...

Shots suck!

You're almost done...yeah! I hate training but some of it is useful information...I hope you're learning something of value!

Cake sounds so good and so does chicken....mmmm!