Wednesday, March 17, 2010

24 days to go

Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast baking away in the oven, its Tuesday and I'm that much closer to having him home. :)

I wanted something alittle different for breakfast this morning and so when I opened the frig. the tub of cookie dough caught my eye. Looking at the clock I had just enough time to bake a batch. I probably should go to the commissary and pick up a couple things but I'm trying to wait till later in the week. Just to avoid the crazy madness seeing's we did just pass payday & it will be packed.

The sun was bright as ever on my way to work which made for a great morning seeings its been raining alot. I'm tired of the rainy ugly clouds that sit over our house although I do love the rainbows after.

The morning went AWESOME, we only had 2 chittlens till 10:15AM. On any other given day management would have pulled one of us to go help in a different room but not today. Over half the children we were suppose to have canceled. Allowing us to get alot of work done on the classroom.
Once done with what we were working on for the day (we only had 3 kids at this point & it was 11:00AM) I was walking the hot glue gun up to the front desk when my Director called me over. My heart sunk OH NO what could she want. "You need to call Peterson & ask to speak to the MOD". She said, (Manager on duty ~ Peterson is were I work but right now I'm doing a 6 month transition at HMR). So I called Peterson, asked to speak to the MOD and this was our conversation.

S ='s My Ass. Director @ Peterson
M ='s ME.

S- Are you PSCing soon?
M- No that's Crystal.
S- We wanted to know if you were interested in taking a Regular Part Time position?
M- When? I don't want to leave the classroom I'm working with till the 6 months is up.
S- It wouldn't be till you came back to Peterson, so some time in June.
M- I was really wanting Full Time bc I want the hours (8 hrs a day), what classroom would it be.
S- It would be Hourly Infant (this is the class I'm in @ HMR that will be going back to Peterson come June) You would stay with the program once it came back to Peterson.
M- Well are there any Full time positions open bc I REALLY need 8 hours a day. (which is what I'm working now).
S- There is in Full day Todd.
M- OH NO, I don't want that.
S- (after she talked with the Director @ P. said) you could have the 7:45AM - 4:15PM shift that you are working now, that way you would get the full time hours but you would be a RPT~ Regular Part Time.
M- If I can have those hours for sure then ya Ill take it!!! I love the program I'm with now and the hours and really want to stay with it when we move back to Peterson.
S- When can you come in for a interview??? (even though I wrk there taking a permanent position requires a interview)
M- I can come when ever you want, whats best for you?
S- As soon as possible we are trying to get people hired NOW and fill the spots.
M- (remembering we only have THREE kids in our class right now) I asked my Director @ HMR if I could go over there NOW, for the interview. (we checked out list of children to come in and I was good to go.)
S- Great we will see you in a little bit.

Needless to say I quickly went in to explain to Crystal what was going on and off to Peterson I was. EXCITED as ever but a bit nervous because it was like I was going to a whole new place to interview with people I had never met.
The interview went well, and although J. the Director couldn't "TELL ME" if everything was a go. She did say that I would be getting a call from NAF in the next week, which is the hiring department and the ones who handle all of the behind the sense process of finalizing new hires and changes in positions.

I am now sitting on pins and needles wondering if this will go through. If I will get the classroom I want and have permanent hours and a set schedule as I do now. If all goes well and it turns out that I do get it I will NOT be going back to Texas during the deployment. I will stay here in Hawaii and work a full time shift at the CDC here on post. I think I was just waiting for a given reason to stay or go and this may be just that. I have been going back and forth on what I wanted to do. Now I may finally know and when people ask I will be able to say one or the other of what I'm doing.

Today I had lil. Miss Grace after work, we came home and had a bite to eat for dinner and then headed down to do my Tuesday night gig. Only 2 more weeks of it after tonight. I don't mind doing it at all, it's been a helpful way as well counting down the weeks till my love is home.

It was a nice relaxing yet adventurous day at work today and I CAN'T TELL GABE ABOUT IT AT ALL. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm just hoping that I hear something from NAF before next Friday so I can tell him when he calls. :)

Twenty Seven days down and only 23 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

That's an awesome opportunity!! I've got my fingers crossed for you chickadee!! :)