Saturday, March 6, 2010

35 days to go

I was more than ready for today to come. MARCH 5th, it's been on my mind FOREVER now. Today was the day, the day Gabe was going in front of the BOARD for promotion. I was so nervous, excited, happy, scared, ecstatic for him all at the same time. Before work I was able to quickly chat on line with him for about a second and he was in line waiting his turn to go in front of the board. He was number 4 and they had just started. That's all I got, nothing more and he was off line. :(

Off to work I went we had 8 kiddos all day, the morning went by so slow. It seemed like every 5 minutes I was checking my phone to see if I had missed a call or a text but nothing. I kept it in my pocket the ringer on high so I wouldn't miss a thing. But still nothing, I started to get sad and really nervous because it was going on almost 11:00AM and I hadn't heard from Gabe on how things went at the board.

Lunch time came for the kiddo's and I was getting their sleep mats ready when out of no were my phone went off. I looked at Crystal and said "THAT'S A TEXT MESSAGE TONE" she said "well check it" so i did and it was from My Love & said "I got it, I had the highest score out of the whole group". I screamed right there in the classroom and started to get all teary eyed. I am SO PROUD of him, he had studied like crazy every free second he has had since he has been at NTC. We would cut our phone calls short at times just so he could study. He would wake up and study alittle before the day started and when ever he could. I was on cloud 9!!!!!!!!

That just made my day, my weekend the whole rest of the month. NTC was worth it all right there. Yeah, I know he would have gotten it back here in Hawaii but who knows when the next board is going to be. Now the rest of the time at NTC needs to fly by so he can get back to Hawaii to get all his points turned in and what not so he can officially take the rank.

The day finished great and I was so ready for 4 O'clock to come. I was getting my car back finally it seems like forever since the dealership has had it and I miss my blue baby. Speaking of "BLUE" I taught Savannah (she's one of the lil girls in my class & that I babysit) to say the word "Blue" today. She is so adorable and just the cutest thing ever.

Headed down to HNL with Crystal & Jessica to get my car, they are two of the sweetest girls ever. Jessica is just down right funny as ever and is always making me laugh, I don't know what I would do with out her in my life.
A trip to Target on the way back was a MUST,(were I ended up talking to Gabe the entire time, ugh how I wish he was here with me now) oh what fun the three of us and baby Chy had. I was still on my hunt for a cute and funky outfit for Kyla's birthday. (which is tomorrow mind you)

I had a wonderful day, not just because of Gabe passing the board but just the fact that work was nice and peaceful. Not a bunch of nonsense going on and then I got to spend the evening with two of my favorite people here in Hawaii. Dinner with Jessica at Dixie Grill to end it all. I had never been there before but boy was it yummy. I have not had some good BBQ since I've been in Hawaii. Now I know just the place to go get some. Home to my babies for a semi early night, that is if you call midnight early. Gotta be up and out the door to babysit by 4:45 in the morning. YES I SAID MORNING. lol


I LOVE YOU BABY AND I'M SO PROUD TO BE YOUR WIFE. You have worked your butt off and deserve this more than ever. I can't wait till you come home so we can celebrate together over dinner.

Sixteen days down and only 34 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

This is fantastic news chickadee!! CONGRATS to Jared!! Moving on to bigger and better things :)