Wednesday, March 3, 2010

38 days to go

With dinner plans at my house this evening with another couple I wanted to make sure the house was spotless. Up at 6AM I dusted the living room again, cleaned the downstairs bathroom and vacuumed the floors. I was so impressed with myself not being a morning person but I got allot done. It takes me a minute to wake up and really get going but when I'm finally up and going there's no stopping me.
We got a start today on decorating the classroom for St. Patrick's Day which is good. We need to get our Valentines day decor down and replaced. Clocked out a couple minutes past 4pm but had to wait a bit longer till Grace's mom got there. She was running alittle late due to traffic outside post. Since I'm on her pick up list I was happy to sit and wait with her so her mom didn't get charged extra. We managed to get home right around 4:50pm leaving me just a hour before I had to be a my babysitting job for the night. I quickly started dinner, took the dogs to Crystals house to play and was out the door again. Be time I made it home Julie & Chris were already waiting on me at the house. We were doing a late night dinner together.
The evening was filled with lots of laughter and chit chat, a great way to take my mind off Gabe being gone right now. I was able to talk with him this evening and we exchanged text's this morning for a bit but it's not at all like when he is at home. I hate having to wait on him to call or text me. I want so badly to be able to pick up the phone call him when I want and having him answer.
Soon Soon enough though, I just hope the days start going by faster. I want my hubby home more than ever and can't wait for the next month to fly by.

Thirteen days down and only 37 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

I'm with you on this month flying by...I surely hope is does!!