Friday, March 12, 2010

29 days to go


Not getting in bed till 1AM this morning made it so hard to get up at 6AM for work. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT, BEST NIGHT WE HAVE HAD SINCE GABE HAS BEEN TO NTC. I spent the whole evening chatting with my love online. With only about 5 hours of sleep I was in a pretty perky mood at work for whatever reason. The day went well, and we got alot done. We were even able to take the kiddos outside which we hadn't been able to do in over a week an a half because of all the rain we have been having.

I had plans to babysit in Ewa Beach this evening at 5:15PM leaving me just about half an hour to run home let the dogs out, and change. Thankfully I was able to get out of a hour work early thanks to Crystal. No help to myself @ all I got almost to post and realized I left my ID at work in my little wallet. OMG, I was so frustrated at the fact that I had to go all the way back to HMR to get it. Days like today annoy the crap out of me and makes me not wanna work at HMR.

The evening went well as I watched S. and 2 other kiddos, I was able to talk to my love off and on the whole evening. I was so happy because I'm not at all looking forward to the next two weeks when they can't talk on their phones at all. I think I might have a nervous break down.

Twenty Two days down and only 28 more to go.

I love & miss you baby so much & can't wait till this is over and you are back home in my arms. Love your Wifey :)

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

Ughh...I hate when I have to turn around because I forgot something. Glad to hear you had a good evening talking with your man though :)