Friday, February 10, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Getting in the swing of Valentines Day we did a little art project today in class. A spin off a idea I found on Pinterest. I decided to make My Love one as well, why not I mean everyone loves a little handmade gift right. :) He loved it and though it was the cutest thing. It made its way to the center of our freezer door. I took them to get laminated after work today because for whatever reason we don't have one at school. All three of us teachers though it would just help add that special touch. I also added a magnet strip on the back so they can be hung on the frig. 

I can't wait till Tuesday ~ Valentines Day of course to give them to our parents. They are going to be so  excited. Its always the little things like making a simple art project that reminds me why I love working with kids so much. Seeing the parents reaction after their child has accomplished something at school for the first time, or made a cute piece of art work. It always brightens their day and reminds me I'm doing something right!!

~DAY 120~

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Brittany said...

These are really cute! You are so creative Tiffany!