Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Heart Hurts :(

DAY 117
My heart hurts for my hubbs, I wish I could make things easier for him. 

The hubbs came home this evening barring a package of his current "pick me up" double stuffed Oreo's. When I informed him we didn't have any milk because I used the rest the night before in my smoothie he was quite disappointed. I felt awful, not because I used the last of the milk but because I knew he was looking forward to chowing down on some Oreos dipped in milk. EWH!!!! I offered to go and get him some milk from the shoppette and his reply was perfect.....the biggest hug and I love you ever!!!!!!
I feel so bad for him and I do anything and everything I can to make his day better. These last few weeks have been so ruff going through Drill School. The school its self has been easy but he says its some of the guys that are in his class. He mentioned that they just make things into a bigger deal then they should be or make things hard then they are. I know that he will be happy once its oven, I only hope that he finds some kind of enjoyment in actually being a Drill SGT. We will see though, I know its not going to be easy for either of us but we have always gotten through anything thrown our way so this wont be any different.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Aww he sounds like my hubby. Always wanting milk and cookies at the end of the day lol. I hope he starts enjoying training more!

wHiT said...

at least it's milk and cookies for you guys. it's a beer for sure for mine. ha ha. fully stocked fridge of Spotted Cow "on tap"

Brittany said...

He sounds like Zach! We both love us some milk 'n cookies :)