Saturday, February 4, 2012

White Girl Got Moves

DAY 114

Yea Right, NOT this white girl. 

I had every intention on blogging about the fantastic time I had at the zumbathon today, & the world record that was trying to be broken. But it didn't turn out to fabulous & the record wasn't broken. I got there early, much to my surprise so did everyone else. I registered picked up my shirt & got in line to go down to the floor were the shindig was being taken place. Couldn't find my co-worker so I ended up spending the entire time by myself. I seriously wanted to walk about half an hour into it, but I stuck it out till after the timed part & then I BAILED!!!! Really it sucked!!!!!

The rest of the day was spent at home being lazy and relaxing with the hubbs. He went to the range this morning and did a bit of shooting while I was gone, I would have much rather been with him. While he was cleaning his guns I decided to do a bit of baking. I've been putting Pinterest to use by making / baking some of the things I pin. On today's agenda was a Lemon Loaf, a first for me. 

It turned out so yummy and looked pretty to, Hey that's always a plus right. I took my time measured everything out, checked it twice. This had to be perfect because there was just to much time that went into it not to be. The recipe made two so I made a half cake pan for one and a loaf for the other. I ended up freezing one and we chowed into the 2nd one right after dinner. 

Speaking of dinner, remember last night when I told you we were having pizza for dinner tonight. Yea well we did and it was yummy, BBQ Chicken Pizza a Southern Living recipe with a twist. We both really enjoyed it and thankfully I have enough ingredients left to make it again later in the week if we wanted. Add in a glass of wine with that and it was the perfect ending to a very chill day. 


Brittany said...

that lemon loaf looks AMAZING! great job, lady :)!

lilmoomoo said...

um. lemon loaf...
you can send some my way! ;)