Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sinful Sunday

Back to baking Sunday: on todays list of goodies was Coconut & Banana Bread two different worlds collided into one. When we were in Maui we stopped at a local joint along the Road to Hana were they had Coconut Bread and it was so yummy. I absolutely LOVE Banana Bread and could eat it all the time, so when I came across this recipe on Pinterest I knew I wanted to try it. 
One problem I was having trouble finding one of the ingredients so it kind of got put on the back burner. Finally after searching for a week or so I found what I was looking for at the Fresh Market, I guess that store is going to be good for something. 
While the hubbs was at Staff Duty today for his 4 hour shift (I'll take that over 24 hrs any day) I got to baking. This was a first for me making Banana Bread that wasn't from the package, plus giving it a Coconut twist. I was a bit skeptical at first especially because there were a couple ingredients listed but in the directions it didn't say were or when to add them in at. I ended up just tossing them in at the end because after all everything was really just combine in a big bowl then divided in two loaf pans. 

Popped in the oven for a hour to bake away they smelled so yummy. When the hubbs came home & asked what I was cooking for dinner he wasn't disappointed at all when I told him what it was. He to loved the Coconut bread we had in Maui. 

Fresh out of the oven I gave it a few minutes to cool off before I cut into one of the loafs. I was dying to try it, the smell was amazing and they looked perfect. A nice split down the middle and the grainy look of banana bread in between the slices.

It was a slice of heaven on earth perfection, not totally sinful I mean it has bananas in it. Those are good for you right :) 

Stay tuned for next Sundays Sinful Sunday!!!!
~~ DAY 129~


Mrs. Robinson said...

Looks SO good! :) Put me a slice in the freezer and save it until October, haha. My husband hates coconut and is allergic to bananas. Haha.

You're such a good wife!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We love some banana bread at our house! Yours looks delish!

ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :) those def look so YUMMY!!

Breanna Hohenstein said...

YUM YUM YUM! That looks so good!