Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

With the Hubbs super crazy hours right now we decided we would celebrate Valentines Day today. I was totally fine with this because that mint a whole day worth of celebrating not just a dinner out some were Tuesday night. (because lets face it after we both get off work, home from the gym that's what it would have consisted of.)
Friday one of my coworkers mentioned this really neat General Store that I just had to check out. Just right downtown about 15 minutes from post, we decided to make that our first stop in todays adventure. When we first walked in I was a little thrown off because we were greeted with clothes, not what I was expecting. The further in we went making our way to the back of the store is when my frown turned upside down. It was the neatest store ever loads of kitchen knick knacks, some indoor & outdoor decor, jams, jellies, hot sauces, cookbooks, pottery, pet goodies, cookware, CANDY and so much more.

I would have loved to see the expression on my face when I walked into the candy department. With two many barrels to count overflowing with all different kinds of candy. There is something for everyone young and old. I probably walked the aisles of the candy section about 5 times, each time finding different candies that I didn't see before. I was literally a kid in a candy store again, I kept calling the Hubbs over showing him the different candies I found that I hadn't seen in forever. 

I came across these Coconut Slices they are my Papa's favorite candy. When we would drive to Houston to see him there was only one gas station that sold them. We always made sure to stop and buy the store out when they had them in stock. He loved us even more on those trips we came baring his candy. I quickly snagged a handful for him along with some of my moms favorite candy that they had. Some of the rare finds she likes are Big Hunks, Cherry Mash and Maple Nut bites. A single pound of candy is $5.99 doesn't seem like a lot so I decided to pick up a few of my favorites as well. They have these cute little candy boxes to put the candy in, which I got to send home to my mom with her goodies inside.

Of course I couldn't leave the kitchen section empty handed, that would be just wrong. They had some Fiestaware which all of it I already had minus a super snazzy tumbled lid for the tumbles I picked up in Texas. Not I can take my tea with me when we leave the house with out having to switch cups as I'm walking out the door. I can just pop on the matching lid. I also got a scoop for our sugar canister that was full of colors matching my Fiesta collection just perfect. I'm such a sucker for new & fun kitchen gadgets, I enjoy clothes & accessories shopping but if I had to pick I think I think kitchen shopping is my favorite.

One other piece I picked up that I had to have the minute I laid my eyes on was this cute "Welcome" Gnome. I though it would make the perfect addition to our front entry way and I was right. I don't know what it is about these little guys but I love them, this makes our 2nd one. The Spouse HaTeS them, I can't wait for her to come visit again & see this guy in person.
I was grinning ear to ear while we were in Mast General store, its two floors of pure goodness. I told the hubbs I don't know that I have been this happy since we moved here. He agreed and was just as into everything they had to offer as I was. I know we didn't cover half the store there was just so much to look at & see but we parked at a meter~less parking spot. (it was suppose to have a meter at it but didn't) We didn't want the Chally to get a boot put on it or towed for that matter, not to mention it was well after 1pm be time we felt and we were both hungry. We made our way to a ghetto little Mexican joint that we both really like, munching down on some chips & salsa, I was almost full before we got our main dish. That didn't stop us from ordering a Sopapilla, we were celebrating so of course we had to go all out. I was sadly disappointed though, when I think of sopapilla I think of a warm puffy dough like pastry drowned drizzled in honey. Not some flat, disk crunchy thing we got drizzled in chocolate. It was good and we didn't leave a drop on the plate but I was a tiny bit disappointed.

After lunch we continued our Valentines Day celebration by seeing "The Vow". I was so excited it just came out the night before and I couldn't wait to see it. Talk about perfect timing a super romantic movie right before Valentines Day. It was a fabulous movie and I'd go see it again in a heart beat. I will defiantly be purchasing this one when it comes out on DVD. I will admit at times I wanted to throw a brick at Paige's head because she was being so mean to her husband Leo but in a way she couldn't help it. I some how managed to hold back the tears but boy was it hard. Holding onto my loves hand through out the entire movie thinking of how lucky I am to have such an amazing man to live my life with. It definitely makes you live in the moment and not take life so serious. We aren't promised tomorrow nor the next hour for that matter. We always try to make the most of our time together when ever we can and this movie just reminded me to continue doing just that and MORE. The kinda love we have isn't just something that happened over night. Its built on years of joy and happiness that I wouldn't trade for anything.  

It's been a perfect Valentines Day I couldn't have asked for anything better. We did a little shopping, lunch and a movie. We didn't make a big deal of it but made sure we made time to celebrate our love for each other. Out of the 5 & an half years we've been together this is only the 2nd Valentines Day we have been home together to be able to enjoy it. 


~DAY 121~


Mrs. Robinson said...

Awww - boo!!! It makes me SO happy to hear that you were the happiest you've been since y'all moved here! And I'm absolutely thrilled about the wonderful time y'all had celebrating Valentine's Day!

I can't WAIT for tomorrow. I am so excited to celebrate, too. Love!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Everyone has had positive reviews of that movie!

Lauren said...

Being together is really what counts. I always tell Ty, I don't need a day for you to prove that you love me, you show me everyday... :) I'm jealous...I wanna see the vow! lol.

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Seems like you had a great day! Holy candy store!! Jealous!