Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Finds

DAY 118

There's a local shop here called The Fresh Market, its right outside of post and only a few minutes from were I work. I pass by it every day and always mention to myself that I'm going to go check it out on my lunch and I never do. Today I didn't have any plans during lunch, normally I just go sit in my car and read a book. (I try not to go home unless I have to) 
I decided to go check out The Fresh Market today, I walked in and was greeted with loads of fresh flowers. Followed by the fresh produce section and then a Olive bar. There was probably 20 different types of Olives, it kind of creeped me out. They had a pretty big bakery, deli with tons of main course dishes to pick from. It would be a great place to pick up a last minute meal or dinner on my way home from work. They had loads and loads of wine and different bears (the hubbs would like the bear). 
A candy bar and a nut bar, prepackaged and self serve. Alot of organic foods and many items I've never even heard of or would think to try. It was a really neat place, they have so much to offer. They have quite a bit that we get regularly at the commissary but the only bad thing about The Fresh Market is its VERY expensive. I'm talking 2-3 times more then the commissary. I did find a few things that I would shop there for every so often. I really could have spend another good hour in there just looking at everything and checking it out. I picked up the hubbs some GIANT Red Velvet Cupcakes, they are huge!!!!! I'm not a fan of Red Velvet at all so I got myself some white chocolate covered pretzels, oh so yummy!!!!! I think this weekend I might see if I can talk the hubbs in to going back and getting a few other things. I went back to work and the two ladies I work with were picking my brain, asking how I liked the store. I told them it was Evil and I should never have gone in, I could spend so much there it really is that neat. Its definitely not your average or typical grocery store. 

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lilmoomoo said...

OMG we have a fresh market down the road from us here, and we had one in Lexington when I lived there..
It is SOOO expensive, but I swear, everything from there is DELISH.
Snookums and I made a HUGE valentine's day dinner from a bunch of things there one year... it ran us like 200 dollars, but I SWEAR it was the BEST dinner I have ever had!! haha