Monday, February 27, 2012

Lets Talk Disaster :(

Yall this doesn't happen very often in our home, frankly I can't remember the last time it happened BUT dinner was a complete disaster tonight. It was a new recipe that we were trying out & I blame it on that. Not the fact that I stepped away from the pot cooking on the stove and let the soup burn. Yes you are reading that right I burned soup. 
On the menu for the evening was Santa Fe Chicken Fajita Soup, it was made with Velveeta Cheese & Cream Cheese. I suppose after mixing those two ingredients in that the dish needed 100% of my attention. Well life goes on and there are things that need to get done around the house and it just didn't happen. The recipe said cook until both cheeses are fully melted then serve. So I stupidly put the lid on and walked away. 5-10 minutes later I returned to find that the cheese had completely burned on the bottom on the pot. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to save dinner by quickly turning the burner down and mixing it up but it was a lost cause. 
I scooped out two bowls, put the left overs in a tupperware & cleaned out the pot before I called the hubbs down for dinner. I had to get rid of the evidence before he saw lol. I tried the soup and it was awful  but I wanted to give him a chance and see what he though. As he's trying it I told him "if you don't like it I'll fix something else or go get us dinner" he replies with "you don't seem to have much confidence in this, what did you do." I couldn't help but laugh, needless to say he had one bite and said nope I'm not eating that. I had some explaining to do, it was pretty comical and we both got a good laugh out of it. 
It was a good reason though to indulge in some yummy Chick fil a and we did just that. I'm all about any reason to go to Chick fil a, but come on gals I didn't burn dinner on purpose HONEST!!!!! 
I suppose I have some making up to do tomorrow when it comes to dinner. Like I said this hardly ever happens and I was a bit sad that it ended so bad. But you live and lean from your mistakes right. 

~DAY 137~


Brittany said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! You're right though, any excuse to eat Chick Fil A :)

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

If I lived on the mainland, I'm not sure I would ever cook. I would just eat Chick fil A everyday!! I love that place! Maybe you could find a way to mail it to me in Italy. You could just send me the entire building, employees and all so they can cook for me everyday :)

Even though the soup burned, kudos for trying new recipes. Just think, this will be one of the things you two look back on many years from now and still giggle about :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

O man, I failed at dinner last night too! I tried a chinese inspired WW recipe and it was HORRIBLE.Wish we had chick fil a here!