Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Fever

Today couldn't have been more perfect.....ok well yea it could have but I spare the details because you all know how much I'm in love with this place. Thursday's are spin class at the gym after work, which I've come to LOVE but this afternoon I decided to skip. It was for a very good cause to might I add, umm HELLO the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Even better than the day before, sunny and it got up to 80 degrees outside. It was still so pretty when I got off work which was so nice. Knowing it wouldn't last long (there's prediction for heavy rain tomorrow) I decided to take full advantage of it and take the pups on a run with me. I don't mind running when it's a little chilly outside but when it's really cold and like freezing out, there's no way your gonna catch my booty out there. I HATE the cold weather, Hawaii has ruined me for life lol. The "locals" here are saying it's been a very mild winter this year, which scares me to think what next year will be like. I even went as far as wearing Capri's and sandals to work today, I'm telling you it was beautiful. After we got back from our run the pups and I made our way to the backyard to enjoy the rest of the evening before the sunset. I don't know how they still had energy to run around and wrestled, barking up a storm at the puppies next store. They've been tuckered out since we came in, I don't think Baileys moved from the couch at all. I love being able to take them out so much, I feel guilty having to leave them inside all day. But I think it just makes them enjoy being outside that much more. I really can't wait for spring to get here and be full force. I'd much rather deal with warmer weather then cold, ugly wet winters.

 On another note: the hubs received a package in the mail today, it was his new replacement Keurig machine. The one we had started having issues and finally stopped working (this is a common problem with these things) so he called customer service, explained the issue and what do ya know 3 days later we have a brand new one on our door at NO cost to us!!!!!! He was quite happy when he got home at O' DARK 30 aka 9:30pm and saw the big box sitting on the bar. I kept meaning to set it up for him but just forgot, I ended up doing it a bit later because I felt bad that he had such a long day.
 He is happily sipping on a cuppa joe now!!! 

Out with the OLD & in with the NEW!!!

~DAY 133~


Brittany said...

Super cute sandals! And yay for coffee :) my weakness!

Denise said...

I'm soo excited for sandals weather!!

Kristina said...

Love your sandals!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Yes ma'am! It has been a very warm winter this year. It usually doesn't get very cold...but it usually doesn't feel like spring time, either. :) You'll be fine next year! But I am 100% sure that Hawaii did spoil you...I wouldn't mind some spoiling by Hawaii, myself haha :)

lilmoomoo said...

UM. hello? How awesome of Keurig!

I am LOVING this weather too. Today was just insane how nice it was!!

I just need to start getting out of the house now. HAHA