Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They're HERE!!!!!!

Its that time again, when the girls are knocking on your door & the parents are bringing the forms to work. 
I absolutely LOVE girl scout cookies and normally buy them in bulk. This year I tried to be a bit more conservative though because I mean really we don't need to eat them all. I orders 8 boxes from a co-workers granddaughter a few weeks back. I forgot to tell the hubbs & when I finally remembered he told me he ordered some from a little girl that came by the house one evening. So much for not stocking up this year. Oh well seriously you can never have to many boxes. Especially when it comes to the Thin Mints those are my favorite. I normally toss the boxes in the freezer because they tend to last longer that way. One I forget about them and two they are so rich I can only eat one every so often. 
When I went in to work this morning there was a large bag waiting for me in my class. 
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!  

The excitement didn't last to long once I noticed I ordered the wrong Peanut Butter ones other than the ones we like :( I was a little disappointed but we will make due. I think hubbs will probably end up taking a box or two of them to class this week. I'm sure the guys could use a little "pick me up" as the weeks have been dragging by. Plus I'm crossing my fingers that he ordered the right peanut butter ones and we will be getting those in soon. (he doesn't remember what he ordered or how many boxes, nice one right lol)

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie ?!?!?!? 

~DAY 139~

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lilmoomoo said...

thin mints are my favorite too!!!