Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puppy LOVE

DAY 115 

The day after Christmas our neighbors dog Betsy finally gave birth to the cutest 6 little puppies. All boys but one, lil girl as they call her was the runt of the littler. Floppy is the largest so far, he gets his name from his ears they are so long. They are so stinkin cute, I'm such a sucker for puppies. Thankfully our two are enough of a hand full that I can bring myself to say no. Plus if we were to get another one a beagle would not be my first choice, it would most definitely be a Bull Mastiff or Great Dane that's a must. 
That doesn't mean I don't drool over these guys and ewh and awh at how adorable they are. Watching them roam around the back yard and trip in the holes is so cute. 
Bailey & Dingo haven't ever been this close to puppies other then when they were puppies themselves at the pet store. So watching them interact with the lil ones is so cute. Bailey will just lay against the fence and watch them, surprisingly they are doing much better with them then I though they would. Every so often they get excited and will bark at the pups and scare them away but then they come right back. 
Though I'd share a few pictures I snapped of them this afternoon. Aren't they cute, doesn't it make you want one. :) hee hee


Mrs. Robinson said...

How VERY adorable! Are they beagles? We have thought of getting a beagle pup when we have time to grow our family. :)

wHiT said...

super cute! we are looking to expand our little family. but the husband wants an english mastiff...and we live on an upper of a house. Not sure.

*Katie* said...

Oh my...I love beagles! This is making me want another!

lilmoomoo said...

their little faces are so sweet!