Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hump Day!!!

DAY 111

These past couple days have been beautiful here in the South. Well the weather anyhow, the city is still crap. I love driving to work and watching such a beautiful sunrise. Makes me miss Hawaii and its beauty that much more. I never though I could miss one place so much. But not a day goes by that I don't wish we were back there soaking up the sun. It's seriously heaven on earth. Sure I had "my" days were it was ruff but not one time did I ever utter the words I hate this place.

Enjoying a yummy homemade smoothie, headed back to work from a quick trip home to play with my pups. Everyone needs alittle ALOHA in their life. I don't know were that saying came from that people are nicer in the South....I've yet to really see it.

 I went to zumba this evening and the hour went by so fast, and it seemed like I hardly broke a sweat. Maybe J took it easy on us because he knows we are going to need all the energy we have for Saturdays Zumbathon. Everyone is hoping we break the world record by having 2000 plus people doing zumba at one time in one location. They are expecting such a large turn out they changed venues. I'm super excited I can't wait, I'm hoping to get a few pictures of everyone there but we shall see. So its well after 8pm and sadly the hubbs still isn't home from D school :( I guess I'm going to break down and eat dinner alone. Crock pot chicken and rice thank you Pinterest, two of my favorite foods.


Gina said...

I have that same tumbler and I love it :) I need to get a spare one before we move!

wHiT said...

Awe have a great time at zumbathon!! :)

Nicole said...

Zumba sounds so cool. I've been wanting to try!