Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things are Multiplying

I seriously don't know how many pairs of Combat Boots the hubbs needs. I swear every other day or so I come home and its like they are multiplying. This evening I came home and there were five pair lined up in the laundry / pantry room. Props to him for keeping them together and put away neatly but really five pair downstairs. Is that really necessary at all, not to mention the loads of PT shoes he has. I bet if we were to count he would have more shoes than me. Now I'm not including my sandals and flip flops just closed toed shoes. Its freaking crazy, I'm always trying to get him to get rid of some because really who needs that many pair of boots.
But he just wont give, he says they may come in handy one day. umm we will see about that one. 

~DAY 138~


Denise said...

My husband has so many pairs of boots! He's like a girl, all different kinds and colors haha

Mrs. B.A.T said...

My husband is the same way! They are lined up next to the door. He uses different ones for swim tests, hikes, and regular work days.

lilmoomoo said...

Girl. I know.
I am SO GLAD we have a three bedroom house now.. I have decided one of those bedrooms is reserved for all his Army crap.
Even with him gone right now.. it is UNREAL how much stuff they have?!?!