Saturday, February 25, 2012

half & half

~half my day was spent running errands & the other half was spent with my love~

Some how after I got in bed well after midnight last night I was still up bright & early this morning. The hubbs was already gone he had to be at work at 6am for uniform issue. I had a list of things to get done before 1pm when he would be getting off work so we could enjoy the second half of the day together. 

First on the list ~ was pick up the downstairs and put all his gear away that blew up all over the living room. There was also a good amount of trash that needed to be taken out from the day before. I hate stuffing boxes in the inside trash can but the hubbs has no problem doing this, which is fine only problem is he forgets to break them down. 

After the house was picked up I headed out to get the oil changed in my car. I absolutely hate having to go and wait for them to do it. The place on post isn't open on the weekends, can we say RETARDED!!!!!! So I had to take it off post. 

Thankfully it didn't take long at all only about 15 minutes. 
Off to the Post Office & then the PX to pick up a few things & I was back home by 10:30am. 
I decided to go ahead & clean the inside of my car because it was looking pretty bad. 
In the process I got my house key stuck in the storage door out front, I finally had to break down and go ask the neighbor for help because... I HAD A LUNCH DATE YALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember L from yesterday she invited me to lunch along with her friend B whom I happen to work with as well. We met up at noon at a local joint called "The Other Store". 
Its a fabulous Deli tucked away in a neighborhood in the back of a old gas station. 
Text from L "It looks a little sketchy but its really great." 
She wasn't lying either, it was a bit of a odd location but not as "sketchy" as I had in mind. 
I never would have found this place if it wasn't for her, it literally sits right in the middle of a neighborhood on the corner street. The food was fabulous, I can't think of one negative thing to say other than if your in a rush well its not the place for you. Although the food is great the service is a little on the slow side. Reason being TOS is a very small joint with only one cook & one person taking orders. L filled me in on this when we got there but thankfully I was in no rush, I was happy to enjoy the outing & company. 
Another friend of L & B's joined us for lunch and she was so sweet. They all went to HS together and still live here locally. I am finally SLOWLY getting out and meeting people more my age and loving it. Although I still have yet to meet a single decent army wife here that's ok because L & B just warm my heart with their kindness. I'm looking forward to many more lunch dates & get togethers with these two lovely ladies and their little ones.

After lunch I made my way back home to find the hubbs awaiting me :) I can't think of a better sight to come home to. We ventured out to Clothing & Sales & back to the PX to do a little shopping. 
It was a beautiful day out, a bit chilly but the sun was shining bright as ever. Which was a warm welcome after yesterdays torrential down pour. 

We really didn't do much other than some TV watching in between LOADS of laundry. DS uniform issue means twice the amount of laundry for me this weekend. 

A Pinterest find let us back out, to the Commissary this time.

Our first time at making Fried Ice Cream. I was so nervous that it would be a complete disaster and the whole thing would just melt away right there in front of my eyes.
it is a bit time consuming to make.
You have to make the ice cream balls, freeze them for a hour, add the outer coating, freeze for another hour. So two hours later frying time it was. I had the hubbs help so in the event that there was a major epic fail I had someone else to blame it on. lol

I'm happy to announce they turned out perfect!!!! Best part is this is something we can make in single servings and enjoy. We topped them with a bit of honey, but the options are endless from whip cream, chocolate sauce, carmel sauce, cocoa powder, strawberries. 

It was the perfect dessert to end our Saturday evening together. 

~DAY 135~


Mrs. Robinson said...

Cool! You are such a good wife to him! I'm glad my hubby doesn't read blogs...haha you'd be showin' me up. :)

Denise said...

Oh my... That dessert looks phenomenal!!

wHiT said...

fried icecream? no way.

lilmoomoo said...


Homemade fried ice cream?!?!

I really. really. need to try this!

That little place you went for lunch sounds awesome. I love hole in the wall places like that. My dad always takes me to places like those!