Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy LOVE Day

As you know the Hubbs & I celebrated Valentines Day this past weekend, however that didn't stop me from making today a little extra special. I'm just so in love with him and I always go the extra mile to show him that. 
I picked up his favorite donuts from Dunkin Donuts the night before on my way home from work. I laid them out before we went up to bed last night with his card on top. My original though was to get up in this morning when he does and go get breakfast but that would have been at 3am. Needless to say I knew that wouldn't end up happening when it came time. 

This morning I got the sweetest kiss followed by a Happy Valentines Day & a thank you for the donuts from my love as he headed out the door to school. I could tell in his voice how much he enjoyed waking up to a nice little sweet treat for breakfast. 
A few hours later I was up and heading out the door myself for work. I got in my car and low and behold there was a note on a sticky pad on the steering wheel of my car. My heart immediately dropped before I even started reading it. I had no clue, he was so sneaky (although I was asleep lol). I was already running a couple minutes behind my normal time on when I like to leave by but I took a extra couple minutes to sit there and read his note. It was simply PERFECT, Vday card nope, flowers nope, jewelry nope, chocolate nope, I got a note on a sticky pad stuck to the steering wheel of my car which left me in tears. No amount of money can buy those words written on there. 

We've never been a couple to make a big over the top deal about Vday, but we do celebrate in our own little way. Our Birthdays & Wedding Anniversary is so much more important to me, I'll go over the top crazy for those special days for sure. 

Work was super crazy busy today, we had vday parties galore and the kids were loaded up on sugar all day long. It rained a bit this afternoon just enough to get everything wet were my kids couldn't go outside BUMMER!!!!!!! The parents were way to kind to us again with loads of sweet yummy treats and candies. A super cute mug filled with Chocolate kisses and homemade cookies. Goodness me oh my what am I to do with it all. 

After spin class this evening, (yes I still went to spin, the hubbs was at work & not like we were going out) I went to the Class Six and picked up a bottle of bubbly aka Wine. From there I headed to the Pizza Joint to get dinner for the two of us. It was the prefect combination and best part I didn't feel guilty about eating pizza because I just worked my butt off at spin class. 

We've been spending the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch sipping on a glass of wine together. It was a lovely Valentines Day spent with the most amazing man in my life. We are so blessed to have the love that we do, its so strong, deep and true. He's not only my Valentine today but each and every day!!!!!!!! 

I hope that you and yours had a fabulous Valentines Day celebrating how ever it is that your little heart desired to. 
I've always said its not about what you get, the amount of money you spend on a gift or even the meal you have but its the love you share with that special someone you hold so close and dear to your heart. 

I really couldn't ask for anything more today, I have everything I need right here in my heart and by my side!!!!!!!!! 

~DAY 124~

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