Friday, February 17, 2012

Quick to Judge....."maybe"


You know that old saying don't judge a book by its cover, yea well does that go for restaurants as well?!?!? It totally does for me, I'm not a adventurer when it comes to trying new places or new foods. 
When we moved to the South I noticed a local Diner that I've never heard of before. The name seriously CREEPS me out and is so off. I've heard mixed reviews from people at work about it so I've been on the fence about trying it. Frankly I really just can't get over the name. I mean really when you hear the name LIZARD'S THICKET what goes through your head.  Country Cooking was not the first thing that passed through mine thats for sure. 

When I got off work this evening the hubbs was already home :) SWEET!!!!!!!!! We went to pick up some ammo because we were going to the range in the morning DOUBLE SWEET!!!!! On our way home I suggested to the hubbs grabbing dinner while we were out, something simple & different that we haven't tried out yet. I left the decision up to him and told him he could pick, then once he did he wouldn't tell me. I absolutely hate that aahhh I want / have to know were we are going. I need to prepare myself for what is ahead of me. Now don't get me wrong I love surprise this is just something different. 
By the direction we were going I started back tracking through my head trying to remember what was around us that we hadn't tried out. I just kept thing please don't let it be that one place please please. I asked him what kind of food they served and he replied with "country food I think". I said "Its not Lizards Thicket is it", of course I was right. My heart sank with fear I was hungry and wanted something good. He offered to go some were else but I sucked it up, telling him his choice was fine. 

When we were walking in he gave me a bit of hope.........that lasted all of 5 seconds. He pointed out the fact that they were voted Best Country Cooking.........IN 2002. Oh dear goodness, this place looked retched and OLD!!!!!!!! I don't even know how to describe it, it was just different. We went in seated ourself (the sign said to do so) and started looking through the menu. It didn't look to bad I suppose almost reminded me of Cracker Barrel, like I said almost. I ended up getting the baked chicken, mashtaters & fried okra it wasn't to bad. I wont say it was fabulous but it was pretty good. The hubbs got some kind of sandwich with fries that he seemed to like as well because he cleaned his plate.
We ended up having a nice little night out even if we were the youngest ones in the place. I'm pretty sure everyone there had some gray hair or used some form of a cane to walk with. I wonder if they though we got lost and just pulled in to the closest place we could find.
I admitted to the hubbs after we left that it wasn't as bad as I though but the name STILL creeps me out. Its just so weird I mean who the heck names their restaurant Lizard's Thicket.


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Mrs. Robinson said...

ahhhh hahaa...i just adore the way your brain works. Mostly because it's similar to mine sometimes. I've been to Lizard's Thicket...we had a preacher once who was OBSESSED with the place and every time we had a group going to Columbia, he always wanted to stop there and eat. My parents like it too....I wasn't overly impressed with the food. And like you...not a big fan of the name.

I mean...names say a lot about a place! What if you came across a Chinese restaurant who had a sign up saying "We no see your cat." It'd freak you out right? (Saw that in Columbia once, haha. Didn't eat there.)