Friday, February 24, 2012


I spent the evening with this cutie pie. 


She is 1 & 1/2.

She's one of the kiddos in my class @ school.


& her Momma

She is a spunky, crazy, full of life little princess. 

Wednesday when L (mom) picked up she mentioned she was looking for a occasional sitter & asked if we knew of any teachers at the school that babysat.  My reply ~ "I would absolutely love to watch Gibbes for you." I use to babysit quite a bit in Hawaii, most of our friends in HI were met through first watching their little ones. 
I gave her my number & later that evening she texted asking if I would be able to watch G Friday night.
We spent the evening playing in her little kitchenette set & reading books. She is seriously such a ham.
L & T (dad) got home right around 11pm and I spent the next HOUR just chatting away with them both. After a bit T went to bed, I guess he couldn't hang with us girls.
L is just a few years older than me & T is just a couple years older than my hubbs.
It was so nice to really get to know them better, we talked about so much, L & I loved it. I think if it wasn't so late already we would have stayed up talking for hours. She is such a sweet heart I can't wait to spend more time with her. I've FINALLY met someone that's closer to my age, has the same interests as me, and we have so much in common.
I see many wine date in our future (before they left for the evening, they told me to make myself at home, showing me were the wine & beer stock was lol, no way would I be drinking while watching their little one but it was so funny) I can't wait to get together with L again!!! and watch little Miss G. 

~DAY 134~


Breanna Hohenstein said...

she is adorable :)

Kristina said...

She looks like so much fun. Such a cutie!

Denise said...

Aw fun!