Monday, February 20, 2012

Whats on Mondays Menu

Before we go to the commissary for our big shopping trips I always sit down and type out a list of what meals we are going to cook over the next few weeks. Along with a overly detailed & categorized shopping list with everything we need, that is also typed out. 
This evening for dinner we decided on Chicken Pot Pie w/ Rotisserie chicken. I've made chicken pot pie before from a recipe book that I have and it always turns out so yummy. This weekend when I was online I found a new recipe for it. Although it looked to be complicated it also looked delicious. I'm always up for a challenge and decided we'd give it a try. Since it called for a rotisserie chicken I decided it would be best made sooner vs. later. Even better we both had the day off so I could start cooking early and really take my time getting everything together how I like. With two different skillets going on the stove I also started the HOMEMADE CRUST. 

Yup I was quite excited about this part, the pot pie I've made before just calls for a regular pie shell as the crust so I've never made one before. I was a bit hesitant on how it was going to turn out but everything came together just swell. The crust looked perfect with everything blended together nicely. I decided instead of making a ton of smaller serving size dishes I'd make it in my new fiesta dishes I got for Christmas. 

After filling those two I still had a ton of mixture & crust left over so I went ahead and divided it out between 5 smaller dishes this way we have dinner for tomorrow night as well. (keeping in mind if it all turned out. lol) It worked out perfect because if Gabe gets home before me tomorrow he can go ahead and get his dinner started since he has Staff Duty at 11pm. 

Let me just tell you it turned out FABULOUS I was so impressed and happy with the whole dish all the way around. It was PERFECT and tasted just like Chicken Pot Pie. Not that I doubted myself at all but I was a bit nervous. Trying something new that is so detailed can be a little hard but as long as I take my time while jamming out to some good tunes (which I always do in the kitchen, thank you Pandora Radio) I always seem to come out ahead. 
The hubbs loved it and kept saying "how good it was and that we would have to make it again for sure. SCORE!!!!!!!!! Or as Guy Fieri says on Triple D "That's the Bomb Dot Com." PS: I love that show!!! We were both so full after only eating half, it was really filling.

Thats the look of one happy stuffed hubby!!!!! 

~DAY 130~


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Yum! Go you!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Looks delish! I make personal chicken pot pies every time I visit my parents as per there request. This last trip was the first time the hubby got try them :)